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Discover the beauty of Yreka and have an awesome time

Yreka is a beautiful city located in California, United States. The county seat of Siskiyou County, Yreka has an area of 10.053 square miles and a population of more than 7,700 residents, according to the 2010 census. First settled in the 1850s, Yreka initially developed due to the gold resources of the area. Numerous other names were given to the city before being incorporated as Yreka, which actually means "north mountain" or "white mountain". Yreka is nowadays a very popular tourist destination due to the numerous historical buildings here, but also the beautiful sights of interest.

Top Attractions within Yreka

Puerto Vallarta is a lovely place to eat in while being in Yreka. Both the food and the service here are great. Since the portions are really large, you will surely find eating at Puerto Vallarta to be really affordable. In a great decor and a lovely atmosphere, anyone can enjoy a great time here.

Siskiyou County Museum is the place to be in if you are interested in the history of this area. A wonderful historical museum, this spot hosts numerous fascinating displays on gold mining, but also local native American tribes linked exhibits. You will have numerous things to see in this museum from the early settlement of the area, including items such as guns and clothing.

Siskiyou Performing Arts Center is the spot in which numerous concerts and stage performances are constantly held. This is the best place to visit for a cultural night out in Yreka.

The West Miner Street Historic District includes numerous wonderful historic homes. Most of the buildings here date back to the 1870s, but there also are some built in the 1850s. In this Yreka area you will also find many places to eat in and great shops.

Greenhorn Park is a place of a scenery beauty. Visiting this Yreka spot can turn out to be an amazing experience, being the best place to be at when you want to enjoy a relaxing walk. A lake, walking trails, a reservoir and an open space, fishing and boating amenities, are just some of the facilities you will find here.

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5 Things You Must Do in Yreka 

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Yreka, located in one of the country's most beautiful regions in the Shasta Valley, was named on of the 100 Top Small Communities in the United States. Come see what all the talk is about!

1. Yreka Western Railroad: Yreka first connected with the Central Pacific Railroad in 1889 by this railroad line. All these years later, the line is still in operation as a freight railroad. A special passenger line also operates for part of the year, giving visitors an idea of what it was like to ride on the early railroads.

2. Siskiyou County Courthouse: In the lobby of this local courthouse is the biggest display of gold to be found south of Alaska. Come in and take a look—don't get blinded by the light!

3.Yreka Statues: Take a tour of the area by finding all of these historic statues made by a local artist. The notable characters include a Native American, a giant cow, and a gold miner. The statues are scattered throughout town, so you can take in the scenery at the same time!

4. Yreka Murals: Like the Yreka statues, the famous murals are placed in and around the town for visitors to enjoy and residents to appreciate every day. They depict historic themes of the area.

5. Siskiyou County Museum: More history of Yreka! This region is alive with the history of the West, and this museum tips its hat to that vibrant heritage. Exhibits are both indoors and outdoors, so don't save it for a rainy day!

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