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How to book cheap flights: Top 4 secrets on finding cheap flights and airfare

The team here at VroomVroomVroom loves car rental so much we dedicate 100% of our time in perfecting our car rental comparison. However, we know our customers love to fly so we have partnered with Hipmunk.com to provide a complete solution to flight comparison.

Hipmunk.com searches other travel sites to provide customers with information regarding the price, availability and details of flights offered for sale at those sites. The benefit of this is that you can search 5 different flight websites without having to enter details on 5 separate occasions.

This gives the benefit of cheapest price and increases the chances of finding the flight with the least number of different legs at the most convenient time for you. 

The secret to finding cheap Flights

I'm going to share with you, a secret. The secret to finding cheap flights. My cousin Andrew always used to brag about his ability to find cheap flights. As an example, he recently paid $345 for a flight. I paid $470 for the same leg. The word "SUCKER" was stamped on my forehead. Not anymore. I found the secret to finding cheap flights and now I'm now going to share it.

1. Early birds catch the worms
Book your flight ASAP. The longer you leave it, the higher the price rises.

2. Use comparison websites with no booking fees
Use a website like Cheap Flights that does not charge additional bookings fees

3. Look out for hidden fees
Airlines are using "add-on" fees like baggage, fat tax, shorter queues, hand luggage, toilet and cancellation fees. Before booking your "cheap" flight, make sure you aren't going to be paying for the difference on the day

4. Holiday season means higher costs
If you have a choice of flying during holiday or not, choose the off-peak period. Flight prices increase during holidays.

Travel safe and good luck finding your cheap flights!

Richard Eastes
VroomVroomVroom Inc.