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Need help with your car rental?
Phone: 1888-269-6248

Top 120 Cities in the World with Funny Names

Top 120 funniest city names

Learn more about the most amusing city names around the world

Our customers usually need to find the cheapest rates on cars, trucks, vans, or RVs for  big cities all across the globe. Sometimes they're looking to hire a car for a vacation to a remote beach or a mountain top resort. But in general, you'll rarely hear one of our car rental experts ask the question, "Where is that?" or say, "Never heard of it!"

But what if you're traveling off the beaten path? What if you've decided to get away from it all, or to seek out somewhere new and unusual to hang your hat for a weekend? It happens! And over the last decade in the car rental comparison business, we've booked rentals for quite a few people who were going to far-off (and far-out) places! From the Bat Cave, North Carolina, in the United States to Dollarbeg, Scotland, from a place called Normal to one called Odd, and from Why to Whynot, this is the World's Top 120 Cities with Funny Names!

We at VroomVroomVroom created this list to honor and recognize all the little places that made us smile or laugh. We've put forth our best effort to collect all of our favorite place names in one page and we hope you crack a smile when you read them, too!

Bacon city in Indiana USA

#1 - 1770, Queensland, Australia
Our only funny village without letters!

#2 - Apocalypse Peaks, Antarctica

#3 - Bacon, Indiana, USA

The Three Little Pigs are not fans of this one.

#4 - Bat Cave, North Carolina, USA
Is there a secret entrance?

#5 - Batman, Turkey
The mayor once tried to sue the director of Batman Begins.

#6 - Bear, Delaware, USA

#7 - Beaver Dam, New Brunswick, Canada

#8 - Bee Lick, Kentucky, USA

#9 - Beer Bottle Crossing, Idaho, USA
We've crossed a few beer bottles in our day, friends.

Big Foot, Texas

#10 - Berry Head, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

#11 - Best, Texas, USA

#12 - Bigfoot, Texas, USA

#13 - Big Rock Candy Mountain, Vermont, USA
They probably need a lot of dentists.

#14 - Bird-in-Hand, Pennsylvania, USA
But what's it worth? It's worth two in the bush!

#15 - Blowhard, Victoria, Australia

#16 - Boring, Oregon, USA
Zzzzzzzz... wha--? Sorry, we were napping.

#17 - Bowlegs, Oklahoma, USA

#18 - Brainy Borough, New Jersey, USA

Much smarter than the nearby townships.

#19 - Bugscuffle, Tennessee, USA

Weird USA names Cheesequake, New Jersey

#20 - Bulls, New Zealand

Where more than just cars have horns!

#21 - Burning Well, Pennsylvania, USA

#22 - Buttermilk, Kansas, USA

#23 - Cando, North Dakota, USA
You Can Do anything if you try hard enough.

#24 - Carefree, Arizona, USA

#25 - Celebration, Florida, USA

#26 - Cheesequake, New Jersey, USA
We don't know what could cause one, but it sounds tasty!

#27 - Chicken, Alaska, USA

#28 - Christmas Pie, Surrey, England

#29 - Come By Chance, New South Wales, Australia
Stay on purpose?

#30 - Condom, France

Funny city names dinosaur USA

#31 - Dead Chinaman, Gulf, Papua New Guinea

#32 - Dinkytown, Minnesota, USA

#33 - Dinosaur, Colorado, USA

#34 - Disappointment Island, Auckland Islands, New Zealand
There's probably a reason it remains uninhabited.

#35 - DISH, Texas, USA

The American satellite television company gave all the locals free TV to change the name.

#36 - Dog Walk, Kentucky, USA
Much easier than walking a cat.

#37 - Dollarbeg, Scotland

#38 - Dull, Scotland

#39 - Eek, Alaska, USA

#40 - Embarrass, Minnesota, USA

Funny city names in Madgascar

#41 - Fart, Virginia, USA
We didn't. Did you?

#42 - Feltwell, Norfolk, England

#43 - Fleatown, Ohio, USA

#44 - French Lick, Indiana, USA

#45 - Friendly, West Virginia, USA

#46 - George, Washington, USA

They named the town streets after different cherry trees.

#47 - Gogogogo, Madagascar
Stop. Stop. Stop. Stop.

#48 - Goose Pimple Junction, Virginia, USA

#49 - Gravesend, England

#50 - Greasy, Oklahoma, USA

#51 - Gripe, Arizona, USA

Funny city names in Canada

#52 - Ham Lake, Minnesota, USA

Much like Bacon, Indiana, it isn't popular with piggies.

#53 - Happy Adventure, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

#54 - Happyland, Connecticut, USA

#55 - Hazard, Kentucky, USA

#56 - Hell, Michigan, USA

#57 - Hooker, Oklahoma, USA
Ironically, it isn't in Nevada.

#58 - Horseheads, New York, USA

#59 - Humpty Doo, Northern Territory, Australia
Home of the World's Largest Boxing Crocodile -- and that isn't even a joke!

#60 - Hungry Horse, Montana, USA

#61 - Hygiene, Colorado, USA

Funny city names in Germany

#62 - Innaloo, Western Australia, Australia
The best place to practice your Hygiene (Colorado).

#63 - Kill, Ireland

#64 - Kissing, Bavaria, Germany

#65 - Left Hand, West Virginia, USA
Where people complain about unknown activities of the right hand.

#66 - Lick Fork, Virginia, USA

#67 - Looneyville, Texas, USA

#68 - Lost, Scotland
Even here, people are still confused by that TV show.

#69 - Magic City, Idaho, USA

#70 - Monkey's Eyebrow, Kentucky, USA

#71 - Moosejaw, Saskatchewan, Canada

Funny city names in Scotland

#72 - My Large Intestine, Texas, USA

#73 - Needmore, Texas, USA
Because it's hard to live on just a little!

#74 - No Name, Colorado, USA

#75 - Normal, Illinois, USA
Named for its local "normal school" -- where teachers learn teaching standards, or "norms".

#76 - North Pole, Alaska, USA

#77 - Nowhere Else, Tasmania, Australia

#78 - Oatmeal, Texas, USA

#79 - Odd, West Virginia, USA
Where the teachers from #75 can expect to wind up after graduation!

#80 - Ogre, Latvia
Russian for "eels" once common in the town river! We'd rather find an ogre.

Funny city names in Australia

#81 - Okay, Oklahoma, USA

#82 - Oniontown, Pennsylvania, USA

#83 - Parrot, Kentucky, USA

#84 - Peculiar, Missouri, USA
A place to go when living in #79 just isn't odd enough.

#85 - Picnic, Florida, USA

#86 - Pie Town, New Mexico, USA

#87 - Plain City, Utah, USA

#88 - Possum Trot, Kentucky, USA

#89 - Presidente Prudente, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Named after Prudente de Morais, 3rd President of Brazil.

#90 - Punkeydoodles Corners, Ontario, Canada

#91 - Rabbit Shuffle, North Carolina, USA

Funny names in England

#92 - Sandwich, Massachusetts, USA

#93 - Sexi, Santa Cruz, Peru
At first glance, we thought this small town was named Sexy Santa Claus.

#94 - Shoulderblade, Kentucky, USA
We think a town named after the scapula is humerus.

#95 - Smileyberg, Kansas, USA
It's classified a "ghost town" -- but the ghosts are smiling.

#96 - Sod, West Virginia, USA
Maybe because the name Turf was too boring?

#97 - Spuds, Florida, USA

#98 - Squirrel Hill, Pennsylvania, USA

#99 - Stiffknee Knob, North Carolina, USA
A natural result of aging.

#100 - Success, Missouri, USA

Why City name Arizona USA

#101 - Sugar City, Idaho, USA

#102 - Sweet Lips, Tennessee, USA

#103 - Tea, South Dakota, USA
Hot or iced? With or without sugar?

#104 - Toad Suck, Arkansas, USA

#105 - Truth Or Consequences, New Mexico, USA

#106 - Turkey Scratch, Arkansas, USA

#107 - Two Egg, Florida, USA
Combine with #3 for a classic breakfast platter.

#108 - Ugley, Essex, England
A beautiful place with an unfortunate marketing problem.

#109 - Upperthong, West Yorkshire, England

#110 - Useless Loop, Western Australia, Australia

why not funny city name USA

#111 - Utopia, Florida, USA
They really drove home the idea that it's a perfect place to live.

#112 - Viper, Kentucky, USA

#113 - Vulcan, Alberta, Canada

#114 - Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, Australia

#115 - Waikikamukau, New Zealand
Why kick a moo cow? Seriously, leave them alone. Go kick a chicken or something.

#116 - Westward Ho!, United Kingdom

#117 - Why, Arizona, USA
These two may be our favorites!

#118 - Whynot, North Carolina, USA

Why? Why not?

#119 - Yum Yum, Tennessee, USA
Ok -- now we're getting hungry.

#120 - Zig Zag, Oregon, USA

We made it from A-to-Z!

Who knew there were so many places with cool and unusual names?

Did you enjoy our list? Did we miss any good ones? Leave a comment below if we need to add your city to our list of the Funniest City Names. Or just tell us your favorite from our list. And remember, whenever you need a rental car to get you anywhere in this big, wild world, VroomVroomVroom is the quickest, easiest way to make your next booking!
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