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Will I Need a Special License to Rent an RV in the United States?

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Generally, you will not require a special, additional license to rent an RV in the United States. Your regular driver's license will be sufficient to hire an RV, provided it is valid and not probationary. Learner and provisional driver's licenses are mostly not accepted by RV rental companies in the US.

It is important to note that any additional drivers who wish to be added to the rental agreement will also need to present their driver's license at the depot, and they must meet the same requirements as the lead driver.

Can I rent an RV with my foreign driver's license?

If your driver's license is not printed in English, you may also need to present an International Driving Permit. The permit will only be valid if it is presented alongside your original driver's license from your country of residence.

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When you rent an RV in the US . . .

Make sure the lead driver and any additional driver's all present their valid driver's license at the rental depot. If the license is not printed in English, you may also require an International Driving Permit.