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RV Rental Driving Restrictions in the United States

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There are restrictions that apply to where you can drive your RV in the United States. Each of our suppliers have different policies, so you will need to refer to the terms and conditions specific to your rental. VroomVroomVroom has put together a list of some common areas that are restricted to renters.

  • You are not permitted to take your RV off-road at any time. If you drive the vehicle on any unpaved roads you will be responsible for any damage incurred.
  • During summer, some suppliers do not permit travel into Death Valley in California. Temperatures can get quite high during July and August, and conditions are particularly challenging for RV drivers.
  • Due to parking and propane gas restrictions, RVs are not allowed in Manhattan.
  • Some suppliers do permit travel into Mexico, however renters may be required to purchase additional insurance.
  • Although one-way rentals are mostly not permitted internationally, renters can usually take their vehicles into Canada. Travel to parts of Northern Canada and Alaska is at the risk of the renter.

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