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Should I Rent a Self-Contained or Non Self-Contained RV in the US?

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If you are new to renting an RV, it can be difficult to work out which vehicle best suits your needs. Motorhomes are available in various sizes, and each come with different features. If you are trying to decide whether you should rent a self-contained or non self-contained vehicle, here are some things you should consider.

Self-contained vehicles

Self-contained motorhomes have all the features you'll need on your road trip - including kitchen and bathroom facilities. As they are larger, they generally have more storage space and can sleep more passengers. If you're planning on a long drive, these vehicles have more amenities and make for a more comfortable journey.

However, larger motorhomes can be more difficult to drive for beginners. It can also be tricky to take the vehicles into busy areas, and parking restrictions may apply in cities.

Non self-contained vehicles

Some people to not require all the amenities that larger motorhomes provide. For some drivers, a small campervan with basic bedding facilities is all they need. These vehicles are often more cost-efficient than large motorhomes, and can be easier to drive for those who are inexperienced in navigating the roads with a campervan.

Because the vehicle is not self-contained, you will need to find accommodation at RV parks that offer bathroom, shower and kitchen facilities. These parks are common in the United States, particularly around popular tourist areas.

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Consider how many people are traveling . . .

When you are thinking about what type of motorhome you should rent in the United States, it is important to consider how many people will be traveling and how much storage space you would like. For families, larger, self-contained motorhomes are often a better option.