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How Do I Empty Waste Water From the RV?

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If you are new to renting an RV, you might be unsure about the process of emptying the waste water from the vehicle. There is two common ways of doing this. You will first need to find a dump station, which are common around the United States.

Plug one side of the waste water hose into the side of the RV, and the other into the drain on the ground. Alternatively you can remove the tank and dump the contents over the dump station hole.

You'll also find a fresh water hose in the RV, which you can use to refill tanks. There will be a water tap at the dump station that you can connect to the RV with the hose to fill the water tank. You will be able to see when the tank is full, as water will drop from the back of the vehicle.

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When you need to dispose of waste water

Make sure you only dispose of the waste water from your RV at designated dump stations. You should try to use public amenities or facilities at RV parks where possible to avoid visiting dump stations frequently.

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