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Reasons to Rent an SUV in the US

why rent an suv in the us

Known as the fourth-largest country in the world, it’s no doubt that a road trip is an amazing way to explore the US. Filled with world-renowned locations, stunning national parks, gorgeous coastlines and vibrant cities - finding the perfect car rental is essential. Take a look below why an SUV is the perfect car type for your American adventure.

1. Enough room for all your luggage

Chances are if you’re travelling for a few weeks, you will have quite a bit of luggage. An SUV is ideal for storing your luggage, where boot space is aplenty. You won’t feel cramped with all your luggage throughout the vehicle with this car type. A road trip along the west coast or even across the country means that having enough space is essential.

2. Perfect in any weather condition

SUV’s can handle themselves really well in any weather conditions. From snow to rain, they are all equipped with features to ensure maximum safety. Depending on the season and where you are travelling can mean different weather conditions. From snow to sun and everything in between, you can feel at ease knowing that your car is going to control itself well.

3. Great at handling terrain

From steep inclines to long highways and countless road surfaces, an SUV has enough power and safety features to run beautifully on any terrain. The United States has amazing roads that stretch in between cities where their upkeep is a priority. Keep in mind that road conditions can change and you are only able to drive on gazetted roads in a rental car.

4. Many different vehicle options

From compact to luxury SUVs, there is something for every budget and need. If you want the features of an SUV but don't need as much space, a compact SUV is the way to go. If you'd like to drive in style, but also like more space, a luxury SUV is perfect.

5. Full of safety features

The safety features that come with an SUV are dependent on the brand and model of the vehicle. Some will come with adaptive cruise control, automatic emergency braking, cameras etc. These features make a road trip that little bit more comfortable.

6. Heaps of space for the family

Travelling with kids? Maybe you're with a group of friends? You can fit 5 people comfortably in an SUV. Equipped with higher ceilings and a ton of leg room means that your road trip will be comfortable for everyone no matter where they are sitting in the car.

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