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Best Family Vacation Tips According to Top Travel Bloggers

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Family vacations, most especially traveling with children can be a challenge. Imagine kids crying inside the RV or at the back of the car, repeatedly asking "Are we there yet?" To help you find ways on how you can make their travel experience more fun and exciting, we at VroomVroomVroom have asked some of our amazing travel blogger friends to share some ideas on how to have a great family vacation. If you are still figuring out and feeling unsure on where to begin, why not head to our RV Rental page for additional best travel tips.

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Josh Bender of Travel with Bender

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Road trips are my favourite way to travel. Getting out into nature, going wherever the wind blows. Nothing beats that feeling of freedom and adventure.

Some of the best road trips tips I discovered were:

  • If renting a car, do a circular route to avoid the high cost of one-way fees. And if you're renting a car in the US, some states (like Oregon) don't have sales tax, so that can drastically affect the overall cost of a long car rental.
  • Check your travel insurance. Good quality travel insurance will often cover the “excess” when renting a car so you don't need to pay extra for this at the rental desk when picking up your car.
  • Consider the seasons. There are some locations which are better in winter but a killer in summer, and vice versa. I use WeatherSpark to check long-term weather trends to determine when is the best season for a region.
  • Stay connected. If you're road tripping overseas either pick up a local SIM card or bring a wireless Internet hotspot. I use Tep Wireless.
  • Bring a lot of extra water. You never know when you'll need it.
  • Stock up on healthy snacks. I like to bring a bag of cut vegetables and fruit. Or if you're a little lazy prepackaged veggie platters can be picked up from the supermarket.

Corinne McDermott, Have Baby Will Travel

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For long drives, have a bag within easy reach that contains plastic bags, wipes, and anything else you might need to deal with motion sickness. Even kids who rarely feel carsick can get nauseous if they've been reading or using a tablet for longer than usual in the back seat. And I know from experience that you don't always get a lot of notice between, "Mom? I don't feel so good..." and, "BLLLLEEEEECCCCHHHHHH!" Make sure each passenger has an easily accessible daypack with some toiletries and a change of clothes, because the splatter will likely end up on more than just the puker. Related: try to keep road snacks fairly bland, and avoid dairy as much as possible before and during your trip. You may come to regret that stop at the charming roadside ice cream stand.Now that toddlers are rear-facing for much longer, consider keeping them company in the back seat. It can get kinda lonely back there with nothing to look at but the rear windshield or your own feet. And if your kids are big car sleepers, consider that extended naps during the day will result in a later-than-usual bedtime. If possible, try to drive at night. We once managed an 18-hour stretch and the kids slept for two-thirds of it, while my husband and I took turns driving and napping in the passenger seat.

Janel Case of A Mom's Take

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Hitting the road to see the continental US is a great way to save money and pack even more into your trip. We really enjoy road trips as it allows us to see things all along our route to our main destination and have the freedom to explore more of the destination city. We have a goal as a family to see the Best Things to do in Each State together as a family before our boys are off to college. One way we make that happen is by planning a road trip route that includes several states on each family vacation. We save money by camping along the way and working on the road, when we can.

Sally-Ann Brown of Tips 4 Trips

kid reading an activity book

My absolute top tips for family road trips are to have water, snacks and activities close at hand. These are items you don't want to have to pull over, stop and dig through your luggage to find. You want them within reaching distance during the drive. Having water and snacks handy (like fresh fruit, crackers, and muesli bars) helps to keep the driver alert, it also helps to abate those back seat cries of “I'm hungry”. The other cry often heard from the kids during a long road trip is “I'm bored!” To combat this I highly recommend having a bag of activities next to the kids. You can either set up a car seat multi pocket organizer, or place a bag/crate on the seat filled with your kids' favorite goodies. Include items like: coloring in and colored pencils, sticker books, puzzle books, a reading book and their snuggle friend. Keeping all members of the family fed, watered and entertained throughout the journey helps a road trip to zoom by.

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