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World's Largest Bird Feeder

bird eating in a bird feed

Folks around the Beckley area of West Virginia must think Big about bird watching!

In Greenbrier County, West Virginia, the largest bird feeder in the world today hangs near the Greenbrier River Trail.

Built by William "Dan" Greene, a retired school teacher, and Christopher Ide, this Big Thing To See in the USA was designed to hold 760 pounds of bird seed!

Certified by the Guinness World Records staff after being measured in January 2012 in nearby White Sulphur Springs, this official World's Largest Bird Feeder now hangs near Greene's cabin in Keister.

Loaded with tasty (to birds) goodies like black oil sunflower seeds, millet, mixed fruits and nuts, the Big Bird Feeder began attracting birds almost immediately after it was loaded. The 1st visitor? A Black Capped Chickadee. Greene says that 20-30 goldfinches have fed from it, all at once.

This Big Bird Feeder is a 4 foot x 4 foot x 4 foot cube divided into 8 compartments, so that it can contain different varieties of seeds. The floor of each compartment slopes, refilling the 40 feeding portals as the birds eat from them.

The World's Largest Bird Feeder is topped by a metal roof, keeping the seed safe from precipitation. From top to bottom, the feeder is 6 feet tall. When filled, it weighs about 940 pounds – nearly half a ton!

If you're in the Beckley area, or more specifically near Keister, the remote Greenbrier River Trail is well known across the state for its breathtaking views, and as a backpacking, horseback riding, bicycling and even cross-country skiing trail. It's 78 miles long and generally follows the Greenbrier River, which means it's a great opportunity to do some fishing and swimming, too. Be sure to wear your blaze orange gear for safety, though, during the West Virginia hunting seasons!

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