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Big Things To See in the USA

Every year, thousands of our customers give us feedback on their car hire experiences. And every year it's always amazing to hear so many great stories about having fun on the big, open roads with their car rental here in the USA! There are so many interesting, funny and memorable stories about bigadventures in the United States, and VroomVroomVroom wants to tell you all about them!

Everyone knows that the USA is one of the 3 biggest nations on Earth! (Only Russia and China are bigger, with Canada close behind in 4th place.) The USA is spread across 3.5 million big square miles of land! And for almost 240 years now, Americans have been the best at creating the biggest, best and most wonderful country in the world! The people in the United States love a lot of big things, like big movie stars, big ideas and inventions, big buildings, big personalities, big rental cars - (and some small cars), too!

Come with us as we take a car hire road trip all around our amazing USA cities and towns, and let's find the places both big and small in America that can boast about some really big sights and attractions! Click below to start your adventure in VroomVroomVroom's Big Things To See in the USA!!!

Buxton, North Carolina
Venice, California
Ohakune, New Zealand
Phoenix, Arizona
Columbus, Ohio
Salina, Kansas
Paeroa, New Zealand
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Jaipur, India

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