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World's Largest Boar

Have you heard about Woinic?

Woinic is simply the coolest Big Thing To See in Northern France!

He is the World's Largest Boar, and is located just off Autoroute A 34.

This Big Boar is a staggering 8.5 meters (28 feet) tall, 14 meters (46 feet) long and 5 meters (16.5 feet) wide!

woman taking pictureThis work of metal sculptor Eric Sléziak took an amazing 12 thousand hours to complete!

The artist used 50 metric tonnes (over 55 tons) of material, and sculpted Woinic from 1983 to 1993!

In 2008, Woinic the World's Largest Boar was finally installed in his current resting place, on a rotating platform at a motorway service area that is very convenient to tourists (like our wonderful VroomVroomVroom car rental customers). You will find Woinic just north of Saulces-Monclin -- a town of about 700 residents -- between Rethel and Charleville-Mézières.

Wild boars are not the most attractive animals to some of us, but in the Ardennes, these animals are revered. Woinic is a symbol of strength, courage and solidarity!

To see the Big Boar Sculpture for yourself, point your rental car toward Autoroute A 34, 08270 Faissault, France.

You can also search for Ardennes Woinic on most GPS applications to plot your course.

And Woinic the Big Boar is not just the #1 most visited thing in the Ardennes, he is also the inspiration for a beer from the microbrewery Ardwen in Launois-sur-Vence!

Woinic beer comes in two varieties, Woinic Triple and Woinic Rouge (with a cherry flavor).

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