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World's Largest Coffee Pot

World's largest coffee pot

Do you take cream and sugar in your coffee? You'll need a lot of it!

The World's Largest Coffee Pot sits at the entrance to the town of Selb in Bavaria. As Germany's most impressive Big Thing To See, this Big Coffee Container is right at home in Selb, a town famed for its well-known porcelain!

A porcelain fountain by manufacturer Barbara Flügel is a prominent feature at Martin Luther Square in Selb. And another great sight in the town, if you're driving your rental car in the area, is the Porcelain Alleyway, where you can explore the shops and even walk upon the beautiful, precious material. The town itself dates back to the 13th century. As many as a dozen china factories once operated in Selb!

Selb is in Upper Franconia, in the free state of Bavaria. It's a border town nestled against the Czech Republic, and is located about 200 kilometers west of Prague. It's also about 25 km northwest of Cheb, Czech Republic and 25 km southeast of Hof, Germany.

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