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Avoca Scranton Airport, also known as Wilkes-Barre/Scranton International Airport, is located in Pennsylvania, more precisely between the borders of Luzerne County and Lackawanna County. In fact, Avoca Scranton Airport is equally distanced from the cities of Scranton and Wilkes-Bar. Avoca Scranton Airport gained its international status in 1975, and since then it has been a major facility serving Pennsylvania. The main airlines operating on Avoca Scranton Airport are Delta Connection, Continental Connection, United Express and U.S. Airways Express.

There are nearly 79.000 aircraft operations going on at Avoca Scranton Airport every year, and hundreds and thousands of people are flying through it all throughout the year. If you are one of them, you will probably be landing on Avoca Scranton Airport if you want to visit the beautiful surroundings. In fact, Avoca Scranton Airport advertises itself as 'Your Gateway to Northeastern Pennsylvania and the Pocono Mountains!'

Top Attractions near Avoca Scranton Airport

The Pocono Mountains is a wonderful region that you can visit after landing on Avoca Scranton Airport. At Avoca Scranton Airport there will be a wide range of transportation means waiting for you, so you can just pick your favorite and come see this magical place. The mountains offer large valleys and wooded hills as well, from where you will have amazing views of the area. The place also offers a large diversity of leisure options, including fishing, skiing, hunting, birdwatching, walking, and many other sports.

Steamtown National Historic Site in a railroad museum located in Northeastern Pennsylvania, in Scranton City. Here, you will get the chance to witness an amazing collection of steam locomotives, as well as numerous buildings which are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The Everhart Museum is also located in Scranton. Founded in 1908, the museum is the best place to learn more about the history, culture and traditions of the place. A wonderful collection of American folk art is also displayed here, as well as numerous ethnological artifacts and fossils. 

The Wyoming Monument can be found in Wilkes-Bar City. The monument was raised in honor of the victims that were killed in the Wyoming Massacre, during the American Revolutionary War.

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