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Eynon Car Rental Comparison

Eynon is located in the Lackawanna County, in the State of Pennsylvania. As a small village, Eynon is incorporated in the Archbald community borough and does not stand on its own as a designated place.

Top Attractions within Eynon

Eynon Shopping Center is one of the many shopping facilities in Eynon. It includes a multitude of shops and department stores available for any budgetary needs and interests. You can purchase clothes, electrical appliances, furniture and groceries in one of the many shops located here. In addition to this, you may also like to enjoy some leisure activities and fun experiences at the Eynon Shopping Center. Special sales can be advantageous and available at certain times of the year.

The Sugermans Shopping Plaza is a larger and more comprising shopping facility of Eynon. Here people can choose from a selection of branded and famous labels in terms of clothes and other fashion related items. It is the perfect place to shop for gifts and souvenirs, if you want to impress your family members and friends when you return home. You may also like to have a nice meal at the indoor restaurants and fast foods, enjoy a movie or a spectacle at the cinema theater on the grounds. There is also an available children's playground, where you can leave your child for several hours to play and learn new things.

Archbald's Pothole State Park is a large outdoor reservation and park, located near Eynon. People may come here for nature walks and trails, bicycle rides and hikes. You will enjoy seeing all sorts of birds and animal species, as well as flora exemplars that are specific to this region. If you are visiting Eynon, you should know that the Pothole State Park is located North and that you can access it through the main road. During the weekends, people come here to play sports and host barbecues and picnics in the designated areas. It can be a lot of fun to plan a series of outdoor activities at the Pothole State Park for you and your family.

Eynon Map