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Did you know that Blacksburg is the largest town in Virginia base on population?

Best Way to Travel: Car, Bus
#1 Thing to Do: Mountain Lake Wilderness
#2 Thing to Do: Smithfield Plantation
#3 Thing to Do: Museum of Geological Science

Fun Fact:
In the 2011 issue of BusinessWeek, Blacksburg was named as “The Best Place in the US to Raise Kids.”
#1 Car Rental Company: Enterprise

Blacksburg is a beautiful town in Virginia, the United States of America. Located in the Montgomery County, with a population of a little over 40.000 residents, the economy of Blacksburg is based on Virginia Tech, the largest land-grant university from Virginia. Blacksburg is also the largest city in the state. Important natives of Blacksburg include Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, George C. Herring, historian and author, Bob Roop, Greco-Roman wrestler, Brandon Stokley, NFL player, Thomas M. Price, architect and Jason Randolph, artist. If you have the chance to visit this lovely city, do not miss it and go to see some of the most important attractions.

Top Attractions within Blacksburg

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University also known as Virginia Tech was established in 1872 as a college dedicated to agriculture and mechanics.

Peggy Lee Hahn Horticulture Garden is a horticulture garden opened in 1984 on the land of Virginia Tech, used by student enrolled in various programs of horticulture, landscape architecture, urban forestry and entomology. The garden is named in honor of Mrs. Hahn and T. Marshal Hahn, the former president of the university. The plants were planted by university students, employees and volunteers.

Kings Mountain National Military Park Blacksburg is a historical park in town, filled with monuments and a trail that takes tourists among them. A very interesting attraction inside this Blacksburg park is the weapon demonstration.

Smithfield Plantation is a national landmark that can be admired in Blacksburg. The plantation is a replica of those that existed immediately after the American Revolution.

Clytor Lake State Park is a gorgeous 5000 acres park where tourists can enjoy a wide variety of water sports. Another thing to do in this Blacksburg park is hiking. For water and sport enthusiasts, this place is great to visit and enjoy, at least for one day.

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