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Breaux Bridge Car Rental Comparison

Breaux Bridge is a picturesque little city in St. Martin Parish, Louisiana. Nicknamed the Crawfish Capital of the World, this lovely city in the United States of America has a population of just 8000 people and an area of 17 squared kilometers. Breaux Bridge was established in 1829 and a church parish was built in 1847. In Breaux Bridge, a surprising number of people speak French - 28% of the population. If you encounter the opportunity to visit the beautiful Louisiana, make sure you also stop in Breaux Bridge and visit a few of its great attractions.

Top Attractions within Breaux Bridge

Breaux Bridge Crawfish Festival is a top event promoting the crawfish industry and the Cajun culture. The festival reached world wide fame after receiving several awards in marketing. Numerous documentaries have been made about this great Breaux Bridge event and it was also featured in several national publications.

St. Bernard Catholic Church is a historic landmark in Breaux Bridge. Located in the Bayou Teche area, this incredible church is a piece of the puzzle representing the history of this town.

Cajun Country Swamp Tours are a great experience where you can admire the Bayou Teche area, Cypress Island, Lake Martin Swamp and the wildlife from this beautiful area.

Champagne's Swamp Tours are great if you want to experience the Cajun culture. The guide is great and entertaining and you can relax hearing Bryan Champagne talking passionately about the Cajun way of life. This tour is also called The Ultimate Cajun Experience.

La Poussiere is an authentic Cajun dance hall located in Breaux Bridge. It was established more than 50 years ago and is a historical place and a cultural icon. The place is also called La Petite Cathedrale de Musique Cajien - The Little Cathedral of Cajun Music.

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