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Kirkwood is an inner-ring suburb of the city of St. Louis, located in the county with the same name, in the state of Missouri, United States. The history of Kirkwood goes back to 1853, when it was founded by James Pugh Kirkwood. The city also got his name, because he was the one who built the Pacific Railroad through the town, enhancing its establishment and development. Now, there are 27.540 people living in Kirkwood, according to the 2010 census, making it one of the largest suburbs of St. Louis. Nevertheless, Kirkwood is also a great place to visit, because it is filled with traditions that will remind you of a typical American small town. This charming suburb will definitely impress you with its spirit.

Top Attractions within Kirkwood

Forest Park is a great recreational facility, where you can relax and admire the nature in all of its splendor. The park spans on 1.293 acres and is one of the most prominent civic centers in the area. Ever since its foundation, in 1876, the park has been host to numerous events, including the 1904 Summer Olympics. The park is also popular due to its amazing features, which attract about 12 million visitors every year, so it is clearly a not to be missed spot.

The Saint Louis Zoological Park is one of the aforementioned features. The zoo opened in 1904 and is home to nearly 23.000 animals. The zoo is divided into several zones, which are: Lakeside Crossing, River's Edge Exhibits, Historic Hill Exhibits and Red Rocks Exhibits. This amazing zoo is pretty unique and it will surely impress you.

The Saint Louis Art Museum is a great cultural institution and one of the main art museums in the country. With more than half million visitors every year, this Forest Park museum features a wide array of exhibitions and collections, compressing more than 30.000 art works, divided into 11 sections: American, African, Ancient and Islamic, European, Modern, Contemporary, Oceanic, Decorative Arts and Design, Mesoamerican and American Indian, and Prints, Drawings and Photographs.

Top 5 Things to Do in Kirkwood

Kirkwood is a city located in St Louis County in the state of Missouri, USA. The city has been in the news as it was the first planned suburb situated west of the Mississippi river. 

1. Pacific Railroad: It is a defunct railroad now. This is now visited by many tourists who want to understand the older methods of construction. The name was given by the person, who later on gave his name to the city.

2. American Theatre: One of the most popular movie theatres in the city. It has many shows playing frequently and is one of the popular hangouts of youngsters and other theater lovers.

3. Mississippi River: This is one of the most biggest and most prominent rivers in the country. It is a very popular place for tourists who have a passion for boating. It is also an important river in terms of fishing and other industries.

4. Forest Park: This is a natural park, which has a variety of rich flora and fauna. It is a protected area and lots of nature lovers come here during their visit to this place.

5. Grants farm: It has a variety of crops and trees being cultivated. The place is maintained by administrations set up by local authorities and is another one of the most visited places in the county.  

Kirkwood Map