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Monaca is a small borough located in the heart of Beaver County, Pennsylvania, United States of America. Monaca is also located along the Ohio River, close to Pittsburgh. The city was settled in 1787 by European settlers. Monaca was incorporated in 1840 for the first time, as Phillipsburg and was known under this name for 20 years before the incorporation. In 1892, the locality was renamed Monacatootha - meaning "great arrow" in Native American Indian. A few years later, the city remained known as Monaca, as it was easier to remember and to spell. In present, the population of the city is of approximately 6000 residents, living on an area of 2.5 square miles. If you want to visit Monaca, do not forget about its great attractions.

Top Attractions within Monaca

Bernhard Muller House is the former house where early settled Bernhard Muller, also known as Count de Leon lived in Monaca. He was a German immigrant to the United States. He was a Christian mystic and an alchemist. Muller also was the founder and leader of New Philadelphia Society Church. The house where he lived in is a landmark of the city and can be visited by tourists.

New Philadelphia Society Church is a building where the few members of this church still gather. It is located downtown Monaca and looks like a typical house constructed from red bricks. Bernhard Muller was the leader of the church since 1832 until 1833.

The Pump House is a former pumping station located within Monaca and used today as a point of interest of the city, where tourists always take tours. This was erected in 1895, but needed a major restore in 1940.

Beaver Area Historical Museum is also located in Monaca and is the place where you, along with other tourists will be able to find amazing facts about the history of Monaca and Beaver County.

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