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Did you know that was founded in 1911 by an Oklahoma philanthropist Charles Page?

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#1 Thing To do: Sand Springs Golf Course
#2 Thing To do: Sand Springs Museum
#3 Thing To do: The Canyons at Blackjack Ridge

Fun Fact:
Charles Page originally bought the area of what is now Sand Springs because he wanted to build a home for orphaned children.
#1 Car Rental Company: Hertz

Sand Springs is located in between two counties, namely Osage and Tulsa, in the State of Oklahoma. The major portion of Sand Springs is placed in the Tulsa County, which is why it is also considered as a suburb of Sand Springs. The population of Sand Springs reaches over 18,900 inhabitants.

Top Attractions within Sand Springs

The Case Community Center
in Sand Springs provides interesting programs and activities for everyone. Regardless of your age, you are bound to find something interesting among the proposed elements at the Case Community Center. CASEtime Free Movie Series is one of the most appealing entertainment means at the center. Other recreational activities, classes and tours may be available.

The Keystone Ancient Forest and the Keystone Lake
make the perfect combination for great outdoor spaces in Sand Springs. Enjoy fresh air, while admiring a variety of plants and wildlife species in the forest. There are guides and maps for the trails you can take in the forest in order to appreciate some specific locations and not to miss a thing. The area is perfect for spending time with your family on hikes or for having a fun active outing with your friends. The Keystone Lake can be used for fishing, boating, swimming and water skiing.

The Sand Springs Cultural and Historical Museum
is the major representative of the artistic and past evolution of the local community. The museum is housed in the historic building of the Page Memorial Library. The collections featured here provide a better understanding of past events, lifestyles and values in the region. Their aim is to make historical evolutions unite with modern times in an attempt to make people appreciate cultural landmarks more.

is a multi-purpose organization and establishment in Sand Springs, which offers a wide variety of entertainment means. The Western Musical Revue is a show to be admired. It is based on the old-fashioned cowboy dances and Can Can dancing routines. You can also have dinner at the ranch and enjoy some specially prepared dishes, made out of massive steaks and other local ranch products.
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