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Stewart Car Rental Comparison

Stewart is an Air National Guard Base and a unit of the New York Air National Gurd. Stewart Air base is located at 2 miles west of Newburgh, New York. Stewart was named after a Scottish-born sea captain, Lachlan Stewart, who skippered schooners, packets and other sailing vessels in the 19th century. He planned on establishing an air base right on these premises. Over the years, Stewart became an important centre for the development of aviation. Although Stewart is just an air force base, it has attractions, accommodation and venues.

Top Attractions Within Stewart

Torches on the Hudson is a very elegant restaurant located two miles from Stewart, in Newburgh, that offers a wide range of food items as well as a fine selection of wines. At a glance, the best dishes that the restaurant has to offer are the spinacj artichoke dip, the French onion soup, crispy calamari and the shrimp scampi. The service is impeccable and the staff is willing to cater to the every need of the customers.

Machu Pichu Peruvian Restaurant is a unique venue located two miles from Stewart, in Newburgh, that offers an authentic fooding experience. There are a lot of traditional Peruvian dishes that you can try, as well as more exquisite dishes from the French or Italian cuisine. There is also a fine selection of wines you can choose from that go hand in hand with the delicious food. The restaurant has also got a special menu for the children, that comes in smaller portions.

The River Grill is another great spot located two miles from Stewart, in Newburgh, that offers a classy and unique fooding experience. The menu is very eclectic, since it combines various cuisines from around the world. There are appetizers, raw bar, soups, salads, French toast and pancakes. The River Grill is also a great place to enjoy a fine selection of beverages, from wine to whiskey and champagne. Your taste buds will not regret having come here.

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