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Westborough Car Rental Comparison: Low-priced travel vehicles!

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Did you know that
Westborough is located at the intersection of Massachusetts Turnpike and Interstate 495?
Population: 18,272
Best Way To Travel: Train, Car
#1 Thing to do: Westborough Country Club
#2 Thing to do: Indian Meadows Golf Course
#3 Thing to do: Westborough Historical Commission

Fun Fact:
Westborough is easily accessible from all direction thus making the place an ideal location for both residents and businesses.
#1 Car Rental Company: Hertz

Westborough is a town located in Worcester County, Massachusetts, United States. Westborough has a population of approximately 18,200 inhabitants. In 1717 it was incorporated. Westborough is popular for many historic sites, as well a many attractions. Westborough is bordered by towns such as Grafton, Shrewsbury, Upton, Southborough, Hopkinton and Northborough.

Top Attractions within Westborough

Dress and act like a Pirate Day
is an interesting and cheerful event that takes place in Westborough, each year on 12 May. People dress as pirates, there are many music concerts and children activities. Booths with food, as well as interesting souvenirs and gifts are also available. You will have a great time and will have the possibility to know the community better. Kids will also be amazed by this wonderful event. The atmosphere is joyful and very relaxing. If you want to have fun and to experience something different, participate in this event in Westborough.

Ted Montana Grill
is an American cuisine restaurant in Westborough. The food from this restaurant is different due to fresh and natural ingredients. It provides burgers, desserts, as well as many other dishes. The meat is fresh and juicy and very bite is a pleasure for your senses. The service is good and the atmosphere is very pleasant. It is mainly a family restaurant, but it is great for large groups of friends, as well. The portions are huge, but prices are reasonable. It is one of the most popular and appreciated restaurants in Westborough, do not forget about it.

Barret Family Wellness Centre
is found in Westborough. Its main mission is to enhance the health and wellness of the locals, but tourists as well can benefit from such a soothing experience. Many families come here with their kids to relax and also have fun. The place is spotless clean and the atmosphere is very relaxing.
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