New York Accommodation

Helpful tips for choosing a place to stay in New York

As far as hotels and places to stay go, in New York City, it's touch and go. There are loads of websites to help you make up your mind before you get on a plane, but keep in mind, one person's trash is another person's treasure. 

A piece of advice, you need to research. What looks fantastic on the outside could possibly end up being the biggest can of worms once you're inside. On the other hand, New York is so huge, you also need to keep in mind location,facilities and price, which is difficult on a budget, so keep an open mind.

The best bet is to go straight to and look around. If you happen to start with franchise names or word of mouth examples, it wouldn't hurt to type in the name into Trip Advisor just to see what the other reviews are like. It also offers customer pics so you don't get those glossy, airbrushed versions they put on brochures (some pics are often amusing, as are the reviews from people who hated their hotel).

It also pays to go to or for a few more options. Whatever you do, make sure you don't book until you are sure and are guaranteed the best price and facilities for your money.

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