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Speed Limits in the USA

speed limits in the USA

USA is one of the few countries in the world to measure distance and speed limits in miles per hour (mph), while other countries such as Australia and New Zealand use kilometers per hour (kph). Speed limits in the United States are set by the state rather than at national level. VroomVroomVroom has compiled a quick guide to the maximum and minimum speed limits in the USA.

How fast should I drive in the United States?

States with wide open freeways have higher speed limits, while smaller states with higher populations and busier freeways usually have the slower maximum speed limits. Did you know that Washington, D.C. has the lowest speed limit in the USA at just 55mph, while Texas has the highest speed limit at a brisk 85mph?

In the eastern part of the U.S., the maximum speed is 70mph, while it is 75mph in the western part. Drivers can be fined 150 dollars for exceeding the speed limit to 10mph. On most city roads, speed limits are usually about 30–35mph. Although New York City has reduced the speed limit to 25mph on most roads. On the interstate highways, note that speed limits can vary from state to state. For example, you may need to slow down on mountain passes and within cities than when you are driving on long straight rural sections. Speed limits can range from as low as 45mph on limited-access highways.

Are there minimum speed limits in the USA?

Some states mandate a minimum speed limit of 40mph, especially on freeways or motorways. This is to ensure that traffic using them keeps to a safe speed and flow of traffic.

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What else do you need to know...

Enforcement of posted speed limits can be unpredictable and may widely vary in several states in the USA. In most states, the speed limit is 65mph except where signs show slower or faster speeds. Keep in mind also that the average cost of a speeding ticket is $150, but this may differ by state and severity of the offense.