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Need help with your car rental? Phone: 1888-269-6248
Need help with your car rental?
Phone: 1888-269-6248

Returning Your Car at the Airport

Returning a Rental Car at the Airport

To ensure you follow the correct process when returning your car rental at an airport, take a look below at things to keep in mind:

  • Is the fuel tank full? Make sure that you return your car rental with a full tank of fuel to avoid any additional charges. Some car rental companies do provide you with the option to pre-purchase fuel where you don't need to fill the tank before you return the car. Keep in mind this is an extra cost. 
  • Is the car clean? Return your car in a clean and tidy condition. Make sure to take all your luggage with you and don't leave any rubbish in the car. Once everything is out of the vehicle, make sure to lock the car. 
  • Are you running late? You are allowed a 29 minutes grace period to return your car. If it exceeds this time, you may be charged a whole other days rental. This is because car rental companies charge people in 24 hour periods. If you have any issues or require additional information, check out our Rental Information, or contact our customer care experts via email, phone call or live chat.
  • Returning after hours? Depending on the specified return time, you may need to return your car through express return. This is when you drop your keys off in a security box near the counter. Ensure that the car rental company is aware that you are doing this.
  • Have you accidentally damaged your car? Don't stress. If you haven't told the car rental company, make sure to let them know as soon as possible. You will be charged for any damage that has been made to the rental. If you have purchased rental vehicle excess insurance, you will be charged for the damage and then reimbursed by your insurance company. For more information about insurance, click here

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Keep in mind that airports can be very busy…

Make sure you arrive a bit before you are due to drop off your car rental just in case it happens to be a busy day. By doing this you are avoiding the risk of being charged an extra days rentals.