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Need help with your car rental?
Phone: 1888-269-6248

Everything You Need to Know About Renting a Car at the Airport

airport rentals in the US

Planning to rent a car at the airport? This option is not only an amazing way to save time, it is also ideal for customers looking for convenience. You are able to get off your flight and walk straight to the car rental counter and be on your way. The great things about this option is that there is no need to worry about queuing for transportation. VroomVroomVroom provides details about airport rentals, and important information you need to know, so your airport experience is smooth and simple.

Booking for airport collection

If you are planning to rent a car in peak travel times, airports tend to sell out of cars very quickly. To avoid missing out, make sure to book your car rental as soon as your flights have been confirmed. Not only will you have peace of mind, you will be organized and prepared for your trip ahead.

We have had examples where people have not booked their car rental in advance. When they have arrived at the counter to pick up a car, there have been no cars available for them to rent. Avoid this by booking in ahead of time.

Flight information

Not sure why you have been asked to provide your flight number? It's simple. The reason this is requested is so the car rental company knows when you are due to land. They will be informed when your flight has landed and will be able to see if your flight has been delayed. You are asked for this information to ensure your car rental experience is smooth and simple. If your flight arrives earlier, the car rental company will also be able to see this and get your car ready for you.

*Please note that we do not ask for your flight number to add extra costs. Regardless if you are flying into an airport or simply coming here to pick up your car rental, you will be charged a premium location fee due to the location, unrelated to your previous transport options.

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Airport surcharge

Airport surcharges are fees that are given to car rental companies for operating from within the airport. The car rental company then passes on these fees to the customer to cover the costs. It is also important to note that each airport and premium location has different prices and costs. When you book your car rental in a premium location, the additional surcharge will be included in the price you pay at the car rental counter. You can decide if this is something you are prepared to pay or if you would prefer to pick up car rental from a depot elsewhere that doesn't include this fee. The airport surcharge will be part of the car rental booking and will not be added on top of the total cost. Any extras you add to your booking will however be added on to the cost of the rental.

Did you know that you can find the cost of the surcharge in the cost breakdown when you book your rental? It may be under 'Airport Concession Fee' or 'Airport Surcharge'.

Picking up your vehicle

Most airports have an allocated area where each car rental provider has their own counter. There will be clear signs marking how to get to the counter. In most instances, the counter will be within the terminal itself. If it isn't, they will state it in your car rental booking, where it may be outside the airport or a short shuttle bus away.

VroomVroomVroom does not have a car rental desk. Although you have booked a car with VroomVroomVroom, you will have chosen a specific provider when booking your car. This car rental provider will have a car rental counter that you will need to go to.

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Returning your rental car

Regardless of the location, whenever you return your rental car, ensure that you have a full tank of fuel and that the vehicle is in the same condition it was in when you picked it up. This includes the car being clean and no additional damage.

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Avoid any unnecessary charges

Make sure to thoroughly read through your car rental agreement. Ensure you understand the the terms and conditions of your rental and important information about renting a car from an airport. You can talk to our customer care team if you have any questions to avoid any additional charges such as one-way fees, kilometer charges etc.