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World's Largest Basket

Longaberger Has Made a Lot of Baskets, But None Bigger Than This One

longaberger giant picnic basket

Located about 34 miles east of Columbus, the Biggest Basket in the USA is also the state of Ohio's Coolest Corporate Office Building!

The Longaberger company is famed worldwide for its high-quality, handmade maple wood baskets. So if you find yourself in the Columbus area, point your rental car in the direction of Newark, Ohio, where you can see the World's Largest Basket!

The basket-shaped Longaberger Headquarters is 7 stories tall and features a 30 thousand square foot courtyard and atrium, and was built to look exactly like Longaberger's "medium market basket", a top-selling model!

Sitting on a 25 acre campus, inside of this astonishing Big Basket Building is a 180 thousand square foot office workplace. The building holds up to 500 employees, and it is 160 times taller, longer, and wider than the basket it's based on, according to Longaberger's official website.

To see this amazing building that's shaped like a Giant Picnic Basket, just drive your rental car to 1500 East Main Street, Newark, OH 43055.

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