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World's Largest Binoculars

We've never seen anything like them in Venice, California!

Binoculars help you to see far-away things, and this Big Thing in the USA is certainly a sight you'll want to see!

largest binocular at venice

Located in Los Angeles County in California, specifically on Main Street in Venice, are the World's Largest Binoculars! Unfortunately no jolly green giant or Godzilla movie monster is going to come along and pick these up and use them -- these Big Binoculars were built right into the side of Venice's Chiat-Day Building.

Constructed on a steel frame, these Gigantic Looking Glasses are gypsum plaster inside and cement plaster painted with elastomeric paint on the outside. They were built almost 25 years ago, and stand over 44 feet tall and are 18 feet deep, set into the building's walls.

The World's Largest Binoculars actually serve as the Chiat-Day Building's parking garage entrance. Architect Frank Gehry also designed the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Downtown L.A. In 2011, as part of its expansion in Los Angeles, internet company Google leased 100,000 square feet in the building and 2 adjacent properties.

To have a LOOK AT this pair of binoculars that are so huge, certainly no one less than Superman could ever pick them up to have a LOOK THROUGH them, drive your rental car straight to 340 Main Street, Venice, California. From downtown L.A., take Interstate 10 west all the way to Santa Monica. Then exit the freeway at Exit 1A, turning your car rental left onto 4th Street. Drive 1.4 miles, then turn right onto Rose Avenue. Take the 3rd turn on your left and you'll be on Main Street, in front of the Big Binoculars Building!

While you're in Venice, you'll probably want to visit the resort area's famous beaches, which are a Big Tourist Attraction in the USA! From the World's Largest Binoculars, you're only 3 city blocks away from the beach. So head over there and relax.

Enjoy a vacation on the warm, golden sand and stare out at the clear, beautiful Pacific Ocean waters. Or maybe use your World's Normal-Size Binoculars to check out a handsome surfer or a beautiful sunbather? It's really all up to you in Venice!

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