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World's Largest QR Code

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How Quick will your Response be -- to this cool rooftop building art in Charlotte?

This Big Thing To See in the USA is best viewed from the air, so unless you're Iron Man or flying in a low-flying plane, you may need to use Google Maps to enjoy it properly!

In Charlotte, North Carolina, specifically in the North Charlotte "NoDa" (North Davidson) neighborhood that was once full of the city's manufacturing and mill workers, but is now home to many art galleries and music venues.

Southern Resources, a leading recycling & waste management center, painted the Biggest QR Code on Earth atop their building in 2011.

The project was the brainchild of local non-profit technology lab Hackerspace Charlotte.

The code is almost 10 thousand square feet in size, with each of its "pixels" covering at least 10 square feet of roof space!

If you have an iPhone or Android device with a camera, you've probably scanned at least one QR code in the last few years. If you never have, you've probably noticed the curious black and white shapes on many products and publications.

Basically, your phone's camera (using a small "app" program) can scan it, and then the QR app opens the company's webpage directly in the web browser.

The Biggest QR Code in Charlotte is easily visible from a lot of airplanes flying to and from the city, because Charlotte Douglas International Airport is just an 11 mile drive in your rental car to the Southern Resources building.

Other places have attempted to outdo this Gigantic Technology Icon in the last couple of years, but so far the big results have only been temporary QR codes -- using things like snow and corn fields.

Hackerspace Charlotte is getting more recognition as a result of the Big QR Code and its other cool projects. May 4, 2012 was declared "Hackerspace Charlotte Day" by the city's then-Mayor, Anthony Foxx!

The World's Largest QR Code can be seen on satellite images, meaning you can see it if you look up Southern Resources, 3826 Raleigh Street, Charlotte, NC 28206, on Google Maps or Google Earth.

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