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Clemson is a small town located in the state of South Carolina, with a population of 13.095 at the 2010 census. The history of the city goes back to 1889, when it was firstly founded. The buildings are predominately rural and post WWII. In downtown, the sideways are absent, but some of the streets have bike paths. With its wide array of attractions, historical buildings, large number of accommodation and venues, Clemson is a wonderful holiday destination for a short holiday or a weekend getaway.

Top Attractions Within Clemson

Fort Hill, also known as John Calhoun Mansion, is a Clemson landmark that must not be missed, should you come and visit the city. The home was initially built as a four room house by one of the pastors. Calhoun enlarged it to fourteen rooms and renamed it Fort Hill. The house is a great place to visit, since you have the possibility to relive the past and see how life was. Fort Hill was declared a national treasure and its artifacts are currently undergoing a comprehensive conservation program funded by the federal grant.

Hanover House is a French Huguenot house, built in the 18th century. The house distinguishes itself through the unique architecture. The house was restored and opened as a historic house museum. Nowadays, people can see the wonderful house and relive a bit of the past.

Old Stone Church and Cemetery is a church built in 1802 and located midway between the centres of Pendleton and Clemson. Nowadays, it can be found in the city limits of Clemson. The church is built from field stone and mortar, and in the beginning, it was made out of wooden pews and a pulpit. As of 2000, The Old Stone Church and Cemetery is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Tourists can enjoy this wonderful building at all times.

Should you be in the surrounding area of Clemson, do not hesitate to visit all the wonderful attractions and beautiful landscapes. It will be a unique experience that you will not forget.

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