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Dublin Car Rental Comparison

Dublin is located in the Alameda County, in the State of California. As a suburban city, Dublin has a population of over 46,000 inhabitants. Dublin was awarded the All-America City of 2011, due to its growth and community projects and dedication.

Top Attractions within Dublin

The Public Library
is an amazing establishment in Dublin, from various points of view. First of all, the book fund and cultural activities here is very rich; anyone can purchase a subscription and enroll in book clubs and other cultural manifestations. Secondly, the building in which the library resides can be visited as a beautiful dedication to books and reading. The architectural design of the outdoor façade features two columns circularly bent, that are topped by a computer mouse and a book. It is the image of the mission of the public library, which wants to encourage the mixture of modern and classical means of researching and studying.

The Dublin Pride Week
is a one-week community festival aimed at popularizing the values of the city of Dublin. The activities featured during the event are meant to show case local talents and businesses that offer entertainment and leisure solutions. In addition to this, people living or visiting here can take part in all sorts of workshops, open door hours of various institutions and many more.

The Dublin Heritage Park and Museum
is a complex venue meant to support the local institutions connected to the past of the community. The park incorporates the 1856 Murray Schoolhouse, the Dublin Pioneer Cemetery and the 1859 St. Raymond’s Church. All these can be visited as they have historical buildings and memorabilia that are important to the local community ad have become landmarks of the past of the region. Visitors will enjoy a thorough history lesson and a cultural description of the area, learning more about what is important and valuable to the people who live here.

St. Patrick’s Day Celebration
is a tribute to the Irish settlement of Dublin and it is a festival that incorporates all the traditions that are held in Ireland as well. There is a local parade, food stand and market, concerts and shows and many more.

Dublin Map