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Did you know that
the Newark Liberty International Airport is only about 25 minutes away from Fanwood?

Best Way To Travel: Bus, Train, Car
#1 Thing to do: Sun Tavern
#2 Thing to do: Anton’s Salon and Spa
#3 Thing to do: Bridge: Tempe

Fun Fact:
Fanwood was incorporated on October 2, 1895.
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Fanwood is a borough located in Union County, New Jersey, United States of America. Fanwood was incorporated in 1895 and now has a population of 7000 people and an area of 1,3 square miles. The city has a bunch of famous residents and among them Derick Carter, player for Louisville Cardinals, then the University of Texas at El Paso and lately Los Angeles Lakers, boxer Gerry Cooney, the inventor of the golf tee - William Lowell and actress Sada Thompson. If planning to visit Fanwood, do not forget to pay a visit to one of the following.

Top Attractions within Fanwood

Sun Tavern
is the best restaurant in Fanwood. With a national and an international menu, Sun Tavern is a favorite among locals who come here for the deliciously cooked food.

Anton's Salon and Spa
is a great spa where you can relax for a whole day. If you want to spend your day being pampered, this is the best place for you. For a change of looks, this is the best salon to try in Fanwood. After a day at this fancy attraction from Fanwood, you will definitely feel like new.

Bowcraft Amusement Park
is one of the most entertaining parks in Fanwood with rides for toddlers, older children and adults. This is the perfect place to spend quality time with your family. A whole day may not suffice to try all the entertaining games and rides at Bowcraft. You can try theCrossbow Rollercoaster, Muzik Express, The Drop Zone and many more exciting rides.

Miller-Cory Museum
is a museum depicting the early life of Fanwood, mainly the first years of the city. A permanent exhibition of tools can be admired and memorabilia and vintage photographs are always on display. Another great thing in the museum is that it has a few rooms - replicas of those in the first houses in town.
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