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Did you know that Medford is home of the Tufts University?

Best Way to Travel: Bus, Car
#1 Thing to do: Blues Cafe
#2 Thing to do: Medford Historical Society
#3 Thing to do: Aldekman Arts Center at Tufts University

Fun Fact:
In October 1989, the FBI recorded a Mafia initiation ceremony in one of the homes in Medford, Massachusetts.
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Medford is a city in Middlesex County, Massachusetts, United States. In Medford live about 56, 100 inhabitants, and this place has an interesting history and many beautiful areas that catch the eyes and make people relax. Its points of attraction will raise your curiosity and interest for finding out more about this place.

Top Attractions within Medford

Grandfather's house
in Medford is also known as the Paul Curtis house and it was listed on the National Register of Historic places. Although it was built as a farmhouse, it was enlarged and renovated. Today, is a point of attraction, as it looks amazing and also for being the original house in the American song called Over the River and through the Woods. For architecture lovers, this building will surely impress them when they will visit Medford.

The Henry Bradlee Junior House
is another interesting building in Medford and is designed in an interesting style called the Queen Anne. This beautiful house was built for Henry Bradlee Junior, Maude Abbot, his wife and Edward, their son. The house is very well preserved, looking fantastic, with beautiful fireplaces, furniture, an extraordinary indoor design and represents an important part for the history of Medford.

Aldekman Arts Centre
at Tufts University in Medford encourages artistic values and talents. Here are many art collections of the local and regional artists, with guided tours that will explain visitors the evolution of the art in Medford. Here are held many cultural events, so it will be a recreational and educational experience at the same time. You will be captivated by the beauty and the uniqueness of the exhibits.

Celtic Revival
is a shop that sells Irish interesting and creative gifts. Here are celtic engagement rings, celtic jewellery, as well as many other interesting items that can be bought as souvenirs or as gifts for someone you care about. All you will buy, it will be of a high quality and looks outstanding, so if you like unusual and creative things, this is where you have to come.
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