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Explore New York with a Car Rental in Scarsdale

Scarsdale is a beautiful town located in Westchester County, New York, United States of America. Within the area of the town is located a village, also named Scarsdale. The community of Scarsdale has a number of more than 17.000 residents and an area of 6.6 square miles. The main settler of Scarsdale was Caleb Heatcote, who, in the late 17th century bought land in the area and named the establishment after his home from Derbyshire, England. The town was officially founded after his death, on March 1, 1788. In present, Scarsdale became famous after being mentioned in several movies and in the popular TV show Friends, where, at the end, two of the main characters move with their newborn babies in the city. The city is making its way in prominent spheres of elementary education, higher education, a lower poverty rate and a handsome per capital income.

Top Attractions within Scarsdale

Scarsdale Historical Society is the history museum of Scarsdale and conducts activities in two locations of the city. Inside Quaker Meeting House Gallery and inside Cudner Hyatt House you can admire large galleries of artifacts depicting the long history of the city. Guided tours are great and perfect if you want to learn more.

Saxon Woods Golf Course is a beautiful golf course located within the area of Scarsdale. The 18-holes course is beautiful and from it you can admire unique views of the city. It is greatly maintained and this makes it a favorite of locals and tourists. Inside the facility you can also enjoy a pro shop and a restaurant named Saxon Grill, with healthy and fresh-made food.

Pagoda Restaurant is an upscale eatery located on Central Park Avenue, in Scarsdale. This is a Chinese restaurant, beautifully built, with open spaces and high ceilings. The establishment is family friendly and is a favorite of locals.

Braseiro Churrascaria is a great place where you can enjoy Brazilian food and great sweets. For a quick lunch while strolling through Scarsdale, this place is great. The specialty of the house are the beef ribs.

Five Things You Must Do in Scarsdale

1. Enjoy the winters at the Duck Pond: The pond is located near the Scarsdale High School. The main attraction is the freezing of the pond during the winter, thus facilitating activities like ice skating. The pond has huge popularity owing to its strategic location.

2. Remember the war days at St. James the Less Episcopal Church: The main attraction of the church is the cemetery. There is believed to be a secret room in the seminary where remains of southern slaves can be found. The remains mostly are believed to be from the days of the American Civil War.

3. Indulge in adventure at the Rock of Perth: The Rock of Perth is located on a stone wall that surrounds a farm on the boundary of the Fox Meadow neighborhood. This location also is an attraction for rock analysts and rock climbers.

4. Participate in Scarsdale Concours d'Elegance: This is an annual competitive automotive show held in June. The competition features over one hundred cars ranging from Ferrari to Rolls Royce.

5. Have a leisure time at Red Maple Swamp: This is another famous spot for dog walkers and joggers. This portion of swampland in the Greenacres bisects Valley Road into separate sections. 

Scarsdale Map