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Explore California with a Car Rental in Scotts Valley

Scotts Valley is located in the Santa Cruz County, in the State of California. Although it is considered a small city, Scotts Valley has a growing population, which numbers approximately 11,580 inhabitants. The city of Scotts Valley was incorporated in 1966. There are numerous attractions in Scotts Valley, which make this city perfect for spending vacations throughout the year.

Top Attractions within Scotts Valley

The Beverly Gardens are great to visit in Scotts Valley for a variety of reasons. The gardens include wide natural spaces, in which people can admire all sorts of plants and wildlife species. In addition to attracting numerous people passionate about nature, the Beverly Gardens gather visitors looking for a great dinning space. The restaurant included here will enable you to have a delicious meal in a serene atmosphere. The gardens have been opened since the 1930s.

The CineLux Theatre in Scotts Valley is the place where you can admire all the best new releases of the film industry. The cinema has numerous rooms in which you can watch a variety of films with your family and friends. The screenings include films suitable for all ages and for all possible tastes in terms of genres. The cinema can also be a great location for a private party, through which only you and your guests can see a screening.

The Scotts Valley Artisans is a local group which formed a non-profit art centre. Their aim is to promote the artworks of local talents and to provide them with suitable spaces for creation and exhibiting. The art centre can be a great opportunity to see some unique art representations and to admire original creativity. They also hold events and art festivals throughout the year.

The Valley Garden Golf Course is a public facility in Scotts Valley, where people passionate about this great game can enjoy spending time with their friends. The golf course is suitable for group playing and taking lessons, if you are looking to improve your technique. You can relax and have a drink in between games at the snack bar located here.

Five Things You Must Do in Scotts Valley

Scotts Valley is a small city in the eastern Santa Cruz County of California in the United States. The city is located about 16 km south of San Jose and 10 km north of the Santa Cruz Mountains. The population of the city was 11,385 according to the 2000 census.

1. Visit the lush Beverly Gardens: These gardens were established in the 1930s and have attracted thousands of tourists every year. This location is known for its collection of rare birds, other animals, restaurants and cabins. The scenic and thriving vegetation as well as fauna impart a rich bio-diverse touch to the place.

2. Feel the difference at the Tree Circus: The spot was opened in 1947 and is comprised of grafted trees in unusual shapes. Even today tourists can still witness the rare and creative minds of its founders. It also consists of life-size painted dinosaurs presenting a view of Highway 17.

3. Explore Santa's Village: This attraction was established in 1956 and includes various cultural artifacts of that era.

4. Pay a visit to Big Basin Redwoods State Park: The Park is a state park located in the northwest part of Santa Cruz. The main high point of the place is the Waddell Creek watershed, formed from the seismic uplift of the rim and the subsequent erosion.

5. Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park: The Park is a state property and is an extension of the Fall Creek region. The main attractions include biking, fishing, camping, bird-watching and horse-riding.      

Scotts Valley Map