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Saint Clair Shores is a city located in Macomb County, Michigan, United States of America. Saint Clair Shores is located near Lake Saint Clair and Detroit. The area of the city was settled by French people. In 1719, they called it L'anse Creuse. Until 1911, what is known today as Saint Clair Shores was part of Erin Township, later named Lake Township. In 1951, Saint Clair Shores was the largest village in America. Notable locals of Saint Clair Shores include actor Dave Coulier, MC5 member Fred "Sonic" Smith, singer Patti Smith and hockey players Mark Wells and David Debol.

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Saint Clair Shores Historical Commission is the official historical museum of the city. If you want to find out more about the French settlement that existed in the beginning, you should visit it. During a great guided tour you will also have the chance to find out more details about the naming of Saint Clair Shores.

St. Lucy Catholic Church is one of the most important gathering places of catholics living in Saint Clair Shores. If you want to see the beautiful church for its architectural beauty, you can do it daily. If you are interested in more than that, you should visit the church on a Sunday, during the weekly service.

Andiamo Lakefront Bistro is located in a popular area of Saint Clair Shores - the Nautical Mile. The restaurant offers great city views of Saint Clair Shores and a delightful ambiance. The food is delicious and you should really try the seafood dishes.

Top 5 Things to Do in St Clair Shores

St. Clair Shores is an urban center in Macomb County located in Michigan (United States). According to the year 2000 census of United States, the population of the city is 63,096. Some of the notable tourist destination places are mentioned below

1. St. Clair Shores Amusement Parks: Visitors can have fun and thrilling recreational games, aquatics and various other programs offered in the St. Clair Shores amusement parks. St. Clair Shores has more than 10 amusement parks all through out the city, in addition to many amenities provided by these parks.

2. St. Clair Shores public library: It is owned by private individuals, offering services to tourists and visitors. The library offers high interesting and demanding books such as the periodical books of the early history of the city, children's comical books, technological books, and so on. 

3. St. Clair Shores Beautiful Beach: The Beach house is filled with residents of St. Clair Shores city and even adjacent cities people occasionally visit this beach and enjoy their vacation cheerfully. Due to its nice, calm and peaceful nature, it had become one of the preferred places of the tourists.

4. Shopping in Chic Shops of St. Clair Shores: Shopping in St. Clair Shores is alike shopping in several countries, as many desired items can be bought from one shopping center. The main specialties of such shopping malls are that, they offer high-quality products with reasonable prices.

5. Holiday Inn Express:  Tourists can enjoy their holiday in St. Clair Shores more pleasurably through the Holiday Inn Express hotel, as the residential charges of this hotel, are far less than other hotels. 

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