Getting Around Los Angeles

Enjoy the comfort and convenience of having a car rental in L.A.

To have the ultimate convenience of traveling when and where you wish in Los Angeles, it is best to book a rental car.  The Los Angeles public transportation system has its positives and negatives.

Whereas other cities tend toward the vertical with multistory dwellings and offices, Los Angeles decided to sprawl outwards. Coming of age as it did in the middle of the 20th century, LA favored the transportation system of the time: freeways. The freeway system is extensive and can be rather convenient - when it's not gridlocked. Unfortunately, very little investment was made over the years in other forms of mass transit.

Part of the problem, from a planning point of view, is that Los Angeles lacks the traditional center city. Sure, there is a “downtown” core. But that is one of many “cores” in greater LA; “downtown” is really just another neighborhood. So, they typical design of commuter trains feeding from the suburbs to the center, to connect with an efficient subway system... that doesn't work very well in LA.

And it's nigh unto impossible to retrofit a commuter/subway mass transit system on a region like LA county that has grown up with 1-car-per-person on endless ribbons of freeway. Nevertheless, there is a light-rail system being developed that already connects rather farflung corners of the realm to each other. And, that most unlikely of creatures in Southern California - a subway system - is emerging from decades of planning and never getting off the ground. Or under the ground. So, if you live in central Hollywood and work downtown, you might very happily commute on the Red Line. But 99% of Angelenos have probably never even seen the inside of a subway station or train. Check back in 2112.

The other major component of the Los Angeles transportation system: airports. And there are many to choose from. Los Angeles International - better known as LAX - is the major international airport, 5th busiest in the world with 50 million annual passengers. Then there are these regional airports which many residents and visitors find more convenient to where they live, or where they are traveling to: Bob Hope Airport in Burbank (BUR), Long Beach (LGB), Ontario (ONT), John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana (SNA), Palm Springs Airport (PSP).