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Did you know that Cranston was once known as Pawtuxet?

Best Way to Travel: Train, Car, Bus
#1 Thing to Do: Pawtuxet Village
#2 Thing to Do: Governor Sprague Mansion
#3 Thing to Do: Cranston Country Club

Fun Fact:
Rhode Island's center of population is located in Cranston.
#1 Car Rental Company: Hertz
Cranston is a wonderful city located in Rhode Island, United States. Situated in Providence County, Cranston is also known under the name of Pawtuxet. With a population of more than 80.300 residents, Cranston has an area of 29.9 squared miles (77.5 squared kilometers). Cranston became a town in 1754, but it was incorporated as a city only in 1910. With a beautiful history and many important sights of interest, Cranston is the perfect place to visit if you want to enjoy a true American experience.

Top Attractions within Cranston

Roger Williams Park Zoo is a very impressive location near Cranston. Here you will be able to see more than 100 different species of beautiful animals. The fascinating park and zoo were founded in 1872. In fact, this zoo is one of the oldest in the whole country, so visiting it is a must if you are planning a vacation in Cranston.

Cranston Historical Society
 is the spot to be in if you are interested in the history and heritage of this fascinating city. Learning more about the history of the city is very important to understand its culture.

The Buldlong Pool
 is a major spot of interest in Cranston. In fact, this is the largest outdoor swimming pool in the United States, being built in the 1940s. Within this location you can enjoy an amazing time, the spot being perfect for people of all ages who love water activities.

The Sprague Mansion
 is one of the numerous historical places in Cranston. The mansion dates back to the 18th, having an unique style. Other beautiful heritage buildings that should be included into your route in Cranston are The Thomas Fenner House, which was built in the 1670s, being one of the oldest houses in the whole region, but also the Edgewood Yacht Club, which is considered to be a heritage place due to its unique structure.

Mulligans Island Golf and Entertainment Center
 is the place to visit for a fun day out with the entire family. The entertainment center includes a 9-hole golf course.

Top 5 Things to Do in Cranston, RI

Settled in 1636, Cranston is located in east-central Rhode Island. It borrows its name from the governor of Rhode Island during colonial times. Starting as a textile centre in the 19th century, it has become an industrial city. In terms of population, Cranston is the 3rd largest city in the state.

1. Visit the governor's mansion: To have glimpses of the colonial era, a visit to historical houses is an interesting activity in Cranston. Governor Sprague Mansion built in 1790 exhibits the prosperity of the Sprague family. It has been preserved in the original form with all the belongings of the Sprague family. In the lovely carriage house, built in 1864, the carts, winter sleighs and carriages owned by the family are still there. The farmhouse built by a farmer, Job Joy, is another example of 18th century architecture.

2. Spend a day outdoors: From festivity to a tranquil day on emerald plains, Cranston Country Club is your destination. It is an exclusive location for family events, delicious food, and pleasant golfing in an 18 holes golf course.

3. Go boating: When in Cranston one should not miss the yachting and sailing thrill. Rhode Island Yacht Club and Edgewood Yacht Club on Narragansett Bay provide fun-filled but safe yachting opportunities with up to date marine facilities.

4. Go for a picnic: For picnicking, wild life observation and enthralling walks, the parks of Cranston on panoramic locations aptly serve the purpose. Sea view Park, Ocean Avenue and Still House Cove near Narragansett Bay, are must visit places.

5. See a village: Visiting Pawtuxet Village is a lifetime experience, being one of the oldest communities in New England. The village is unique as its northern part is in the Cranston, while its southern region is in another town, Warwick. Pawtuxet River flows through the town. Its colonial times homes and buildings, outstanding boating and recreation opportunities and water mills, rank it as a spectacular tourist point. 

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