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At one point in its history, Boston's main industry was its whaling fleet. Those days are long gone. In the 21st century, Boston's economy is relatively strong as it is anchored in two areas that are fairly impervious to recessions: education and healthcare.

The Greater Boston area is home to more than 100 universities and colleges, with more than a quarter of a million students enrolled in schools in Boston and Cambridge. Boston's largest schools are Boston University, Northeastern University, Suffolk University, Boston College, University of Massachusetts Boston and Roxbury and Bunker Hill Community Colleges. There are also a number of smaller private colleges and universities such as Emerson, Mass College of Art & Design, Emmanuel, Wheelock and Simmons Colleges, the New England Conservatory and the Berklee College of Music. Tufts University, which is near Cambridge, has its medical and dental schools in Boston. Cambridge, of course, is home to Harvard and MIT. Greater Boston is also home to a number of private college preparatory, or “prep” schools.

Boston is also a world-class center of medical care and research. There is a staggering number of medical centers, specialized hospitals and research institutions, many associated with the universities in and around Boston. Some of these include Massachusetts General Hospital, the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary and the Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital. The Longwood Medical complex is home to these world-renowned institutions: Harvard Medical School, Harvard School of Public Health and Harvard School of Dental Medicine; Children's Hospital Boston, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center; and the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. Tufts Mecial Center and School of Medicine is in the Chinatown neighborhood near downtown; Boston Medical Center and the Boston University School of Medicine are found in the South End. There are few cities on earth that can match this number and diversity of medical teaching, research and treatment hospitals.

While Silicon Valley in California is generally acknowledged to be the premier high-tech “corridor” in the world, Boston saw the development of a concentration of high-technology companies along the inner ring road, Route 128, beginning the 1970s and into the 1980s. With the internet boom in the 1990s and into the new century, a second wave of high-tech companies began to collect along the outer ring road surrounding Boston, Interstate 495. As with the medical industries that are so important to Boston's economy, the high-tech businesses have developed here in conjunction with the research programs of MIT, Harvard and many other colleges and universities in the Boston area.

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