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Alamo Terms & Conditions

The below T&Cs (including prices and taxes) are provided by Alamo and may change without notice to VroomVroomVroom.com.

This quote includes:

  • All taxes, airport taxes and surcharges if applicable,
  • Stated mileage amount (generally unlimited, see below for extra mileage charges)
  • Vehicle Registration fee,
  • One way fees if applicable,
  • All vehicle fees related to the booking e.g. Vehicle drop fees, all recovery fees, premium location fees, corporate location fees wherever applicable.

This quote will not include:

  • Fuel
  • Insurance (See next paragraph*)
  • Child seats or booster seats can be purchased after confirmation for generally $9.99* US per day plus local taxes and surcharges.
  • Extra miles (if your rental has limited mileage, each additional mile over the limit will be charged at $0.25* to a maximum of $49.95*).
  • An age surcharge of $25.00* per day or less for renters between the ages of 21-24.
  • Additional drivers (including a spouse or domestic partner) will pay a daily fees of around $10.00* per day.
  • Any extras signed up for upon arrival, e.g. Child Seats, GPS, Ski Racks (only available at certain depots).
  • All extras and additional services will attract additional local percentage taxes and surcharges. Prices below are exclusive of these as they vary state to state depot to depot.

Modifying Booking

Modifying your booking may change the original quoted price. For details on how to modify your booking please click the 'My Booking' tab above.

Car rental insurance - Important Information

For US citizens
Some USA credit cards and personal car insurance policies do provide car rental insurance so please check with your credit card provider and personal auto insurance policy for details.

Visiting the US from another country
It is illegal to drive in the US without car insurance. Your travel insurance probably only covers the excess so check the fine print in your travel insurance policy.

For more information please see our U.S.A. car rental insurance guide.

Alamo Terms and Conditions

Driver's License

A valid driver's license from the customer's country of residence is required and must be presented at time of rental. The driver's license must be valid for the entire rental period.

No expired driver's license are accepted.

Temporary licenses are not accepted.

If the driver's license is in a language other than English, an International Driver's Permit is required along with the driver's license.


- Japanese travelers may use the Japanese Driver's License Translation Service, which replaces the need for an International Driver's Permit.

- At California, Nevada and Phoenix-area airports and rental locations, renters with driver's licenses issued outside of the United States or its territories must produce a valid Passport. US Territories include American Samoa, Guam, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, the Federated States of Micronesia, and the Midway Islands.


The primary renter of the vehicle must be 25 years of age, or for select corporate contracts and international tour accounts, the minimum age is 21 (age surcharge applies 21-24, details below).

Alamo reserves the right to refuse rental of a vehicle if the renter demonstrates inability to handle road rules and conditions.
Montgomery, AL Alamo does not permit renters under age 25. and in Michigan the minimum is 18 years of age.

Additional Drivers

  • All additional drivers must meet ALL rental qualifications in regard to age and driving record as well as all other standard rental qualifications. They must must appear at the rental counter with the primary renter and must sign the rental agreement.
  • If you would like to add an additional driver that is 25+ there will be a charge of around $10.00 per day plus local taxes and surcharges.
  • Additional driver and Age surcharge both apply if 21-24.

Age Surcharge

  • If you are 25+ there is no additional age charge
  • If you are in the age range of 21-24 then there is an additional charge of $25.00* per day or less.
  • Certain specialty and larger sized vehicles may not be rented to younger drivers.
  • Some locations maintain maximum age limits.

Payment Policy - Credit Cards

The credit card must be presented with available credit, in the renter's name. The signature must match the name imprinted on the card and the signature on the rental agreement.

  • The signature on the back must match the name imprinted on the card. In addition.
  • Credit Cards honored in the US: American Express®, MasterCard®, VISA®, Discover®, JCB
  • Credit Cards honored in Canada: American Express®, MasterCard®, VISA®, and Discover® Network

Payment Policy - Debit Cards

Debit/check cards are considered to be any non-credit card bearing the VISA, MasterCard or Discover Card logo. Any other non-credit card without one of these logos is not accepted. Please review the following guidelines:

For pick-ups in the United States, without proof of round-trip ticket, debit or check cards are accepted only when returning the vehicle. A credit card in the name of the renter must be presented at the time of pick-up.

International travel cards: Alamo International locations do not accept debit cards as a form of payment and will require a major credit card for your rental.

Driving Restrictions

Rentals originating in the United States:

Alamo permits renters to drive the vehicle only into specific countries based on the original pick up country. Please inquire at time of rental for details and restrictions.

The rental vehicle must be returned to a location within the country from which the vehicle was originally rented.

Rentals originating in the United States (US) can be driven throughout the United States (US) and Canada.

Most locations do not allow travel into Mexico. If you wish to travel into Mexico, you will be required to purchase additional insurance to cover the vehicle while in Mexico. Please contact the branch directly to determine limitations and availability.

Rentals Originating in Canada:

Vehicles rented in Canada can be driven throughout Canada and the US.

Vehicles cannot be driven into Mexico.

Cross Border Policy

Mexico insurance is required to drive into Mexico, and must be purchased from a location on the border prior to entering Mexico. Renters must be at least 25 years old to be eligible. The Mexico insurance price depends on the type of vehicle rented: $35 per day for Economy through Full Size cars, $40 per day for Minivans and Small SUVs, and $50 per day for 12 or 15 Passenger vans (only available for specific corporate accounts). All other vehicles cannot be driven into Mexico.


As a customer, you have a choice as to how you would like to pay for fuel.
You will be provided with two options, both starting with a full tank of fuel in your vehicle at the time of rental.

Option 1: Upfront Fuel
This option allows a renter to pay for the full tank of gas at the time of rental and return the tank empty. No refunds will be given for unused gas.

Option 2: Return Full or Pay Alamo for Gas
This option allows a renter to return the vehicle with a full tank of gas or pay Alamo at the end of the rental for gas used but not replaced. Price per gallon/litre will be higher than local fuel prices.

Important Note: For Europeans booking in the US and Canada, unless included in the rate package, payment for this tank will be required at time of rental. No refund will be given for fuel purchased but not used.

The total upfront fuel charge reflected is an estimate based on current prices and the average tank size for the car class reserved. This charge may change upon time of rental.

Renter Responsibility

Alamo holds the renter responsible for the safe return of the rental vehicle in the same condition as it was rented, except for normal wear and tear.

Unless prohibited by law, a renter may be held responsible for all damages, including loss of use, should the vehicle be damaged in an accident, stolen or vandalized. This is the case regardless of fault. Whether who is at fault in the accident, the renter may be asked to pay for the damage up to and including the total cost of replacing the vehicle in case of a total wreck or loss.

Be sure any estimated damage to the vehicle has been recorded properly before leaving the rental location.

Alamo Insurance Coverage Options

Additional cover is accepted on pickup or can be added via their modify link: click here

Details of their available cover is here: click here

If you are visiting the USA and a resident from another country - check out the "all inclusive" price in the comparison - CDW included.

Baby, Child and Booster Seats

These can be requested by emailing info@vroomvroomvroom.com or easier still - reply to your confirmation email. Please advise the age of your baby or child. Currently costs are $9.99 per day plus local tax and surcharges.


These can be requested by emailing info@vroomvroomvroom.com or easier still - reply to your confirmation email. Currently costs are $11.99 per day plus local tax and surcharges.

Snow Travel/Tires

Alamo does not offer snow chains as additional equipment nor can snow chains be placed on rental vehicles. Our vehicles are equipped with all weather tires.

Note: In Quebec, cars are equipped with winter tires during the months of December 15 through March 15 as required by law.