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Fort Eustis Car Rental Comparison: Dealing with your car rental

Did you know that Fort Eustis is currently under the command of the US Army Training and Doctrine Command?

Best Way to Travel: Car
#1 Thing to Do: The Newsome House Museum and Cultural Center
#2 Thing to Do: Pines 1 and 3 Golf Course
#3 Thing to Do: US Army Transportation Museum

Fun Fact:
Fort Eustis' motto is “Nothing happens until something moves.”

#1 Car Rental Company: Hertz

Fort Eustis is located in between two counties, namely Hampton and Newport News, in the State of Virginia. Fort Eustis is one of the military bases of the United States Army and was established in 1916. In 2010, Fort Eustis merged with another military facility, the Langley Air Force Base of the United States Air Force, becoming the new Joint Base Langley-Eustis. It is located in a larger community, which has developed due to the establishment of military employees and their families around the base.

Top Attractions within Fort Eustis

The United States Army Transportation Museum is a major venue, located near Fort Eustis. This museum houses memorabilia related to the development of the transportation means in the army. You will enjoy seeing how these means have evolved and transformed over the years. The tour will be a learning experience for the whole family.

Jacob's Theater is one of the cultural providers to be found in the Fort Eustis area. You may come here to enjoy a wide variety of plays and productions form all genres. Jacob's Theater ensures quality entertainment and the opportunity to see comedies, dramas and more.

The Newport News Golf Club is easily accessible from Fort Eustis. The location is set on a massive estate, where many people can enjoy the great game of golf. You can even take up some lessons if needed or enter tournaments and other organized activities.

The Pines Golf Club is also to be found near Fort Eustis. This club gives its customers a great country club like opportunity to play the game. The course here is located in a beautiful and natural surrounding, that can be admired during games. You may use the snack bar facility and the pro shop, for a complete experience at the Pines Golf Club.

The Stoneybrook Shopping Center is a great venue for leisure and shopping, near Fort Eustis. You can tend to all your shopping needs at Stoneybrook, buy groceries, clothes, electric devices and decorations. Everything you need for your home or for your vacation can be found at the Stoneybrook Shopping Center.

Top 5 Things to Do in Fort Eustis

For an important city in Virginia, Fort Eustis is situated on the beautiful Mulbury Island along the James River. Fort Eustis is very important to the state's economy and tourism industry because of the huge presence of landmark buildings and various attractions near it.

1. U.S. Army Transportation Museum: this historic military center is just 2.5 miles away from Fort Eustis and is a favorite among many art and history buffs coming into the city.

2. Take a stroll to Busch Gardens: Do this and you will be thrilled at the sights and sounds of Virginia, courtesy of Fort Eustis. Right from the point of entry to the place of exit, Busch Gardens will hold you spellbound even if for just a few moments.

3. See the famous Mystery Dinner Playhouse: where various entertainment activities are showered on spectators and visitors as well. For a few hours here, you will feel the charm of this popular Playhouse.

4. Williamsburg Area Convention and Visitors Bureau: manage a short trip to this venue from central Flemington and see for yourself, what you have long been reading about. This place is also an important center for visitors to Virginia who need invaluable information on their favorite destination.

5. City of Hampton Convention & Visitor Bureau: Although this center doesn't sound much of a fancy place to visit, you have nothing to lose by taking a stroll down to this information bureau. Remember the sayings that "information is knowledge, and knowledge is the foundation of power."

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