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Green Car Rental

VroomVroomVroom is paying for all of their customers to be CarbonNeutral. For every pound of carbon dioxide that each VroomVroomVroom rental car produces, we will spend money on neutralizing it through various climate-friendly projects.

Green Car Rental at no cost to the customer

So what does this mean for people who choose VroomVroomVroom? It means that they're choosing to help save the environment while also saving themselves money. For that, we thank them.

How Does the Program Work?

Burning one gallon of gas produces approximately 20 pounds of carbon dioxide (CO2); the total CO2 produced by an individual rental car is dependent on the distance driven and the fuel efficiency of the individual car. VroomVroomVroom estimates the amount of carbon produced by each car rental based on supplier information on the type of car, length of rental period and data on average mileage driven.

Where Does the Money Go?

VroomVroomVroom is partnering with The CarbonNeutral Company, one of the world's leading carbon offset and climate consulting businesses, because of its vast experience and reputation for legitimacy. The CarbonNeutral Company, has worked in climate change for over 10 years, with over 300 multinational and national clients and 200+ carbon projects around the world and has been at the leading edge of establishing industry policies and protocols. All of its programs are reviewed by an Independent Advisory Group of experts, a respected third party conducts an annual audit of carbon stocks and contracts and a full register of carbon transactions and contracts are published for public review. Worldwide carbon projects include renewable energy such as solar and hydro power, resource conservation, waste reduction and forestry projects.

See our press page for media inquieries regarding green car rental.