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Travelling with Babies

I just have to say, a family road trip is all very nice for the kids and the husband – they just throw a bag together and they're ready to hit the open road.

Meanwhile, we wives spent weeks trying to figure out how to fit half a houseful of necessities (including but not limited to one oversized stuffed dinosaur, one travel cot, one soccer net, a 32 pound stroller and a set of golf clubs) into a medium sized SUV!

Something has to give…but oh the tears and tantrums….and that's just at the mention of leaving golf clubs behind!

So, for our trip to Colorado, I found the best website ever! At www.babytravelpros.com we found a whole bunch of places that hired baby gear. When we got to Colorado Springs, we just picked up everything we needed for the baby – stroller, cot, and change station – everything that would never fit in the car.

There were a couple of different rental places to choose from so we even made sure we got the best deal – so much easier than convincing a four year old to go cross country without his favourite dinosaur, or a thirty eight year old to give up his golf clubs!

I can't recommend this site strongly enough because every peaceful family vacation is stressful for us girls…and we deserve a little break too!

Dana Flannery