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Luggage, not baggage

If there's one thing every girl loves, it's time with the girls. Completely boy-free, child-free, work-free girl time. And if there's one person who knows how to do a girls' night out well, it's Casey Wohl. Here is a woman who's harnessed the power of ‘girl time', and put it all onto a very convenient website – www.girlsgetawayguide.net.

Whether it's one night out, or a week away, the Girls Getaway Guide: Leave Your Baggage At Home site has got ‘girl time' covered, taking the hassle out of the organisation by putting together a range of packages. Need a few days away? Head to the Reunion Resort in Orlando, Florida, where Casey's set up two nights of luxury and pampering, including a spa experience. What about just a night out? Do a bit of networking at an art gallery in Tampa Bay. You can even contact Casey directly and she'll work out travel arrangements specifically catered to you and your girlfriends.

Casey's done her fair share of travelling, with Girls Getaway Guides already published for Key West and Orlando, and a number of others underway. And if you haven't got time for reading a whole guide, the website has a comprehensive list of travel tips, and super-easy holiday bookings. You simply click on the city of interest, pick the holiday package, and book.

Packages include a Cowgirl Round-up at the Sylvan Dale Guest Ranch in Colorado, absolute luxury at the California Castle in Palm Springs, and a gorgeous B&B in Pennsylvania, among others. But you're not just limited to the USA – Casey's gone abroad and sourced one of the best getaways to Europe. That's right, why not go to the Emerald Isle and enjoy a week of relaxation and pampering with your girlfriends? Or hop on a cruise ship and party on the high seas from Miami to the Bahamas? Girls Getaway Guide has every detail covered.

That's the thing about Girls Getaway Guide – it caters to those girls who just don't have the time to search through long lists of accommodation options, or who don't have the time to get to a travel agency, but who just want to have some fun and relaxation. Casey's already been there, done that, and she's put in the hard yards for the rest of us. Girls Getaway Guide has all the info, and everything planned for you.

So now there's no excuses for not getting away with the girls! Girls Getaway Guides has everything you need. All that's left for you to do is pick up the phone and call your friends…