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Girls Guide to the World

Some people get a real buzz out of planning a holiday. They research every destination, know exactly where and what time they're going to wake up, how much breakfast will cost them, which train or bus to take or which car to hire, how long it'll take them to get to the next destination and how many sites they'll be able to squeeze in along the way. Then there's those travellers – particularly the couch surfing inclined – that just want to wing it. Sure they might book accommodation for the first night but after that, it's just hang loose and hold on.

But the planning stage for every kind of trip has to start somewhere and www.girlsguidetotheworld.com has all the travel tips a girl will ever need. They'll tell you all the best places to eat, drink, sleep, shop, get pampered and have fun. And, really, what else is there on a holiday? They even provide a handy Google map of the area.

Best of all, you can share your own travel experiences with others by submitting reviews of the locations and businesses recommended by the site. The more people submit their comments and suggestions the better the travel experience for everyone. Sure, all your Facebook friends are going to look at your travel snaps with envy. But how many are going to benefit from your description of that dodgy bratwurst you ate in Berlin?

So whether you've just landed in Tokyo with no more than the clothes on your back and a healthy bank balance or whether you're already in the meticulous planning stage of next year's trip to Brazil, Girlsguidetotheworld has the scoop.

Girlsguidetotheworld offers honest, unbiased reviews of destinations around the world. Now we just need one for the boys!