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Single Dad

Singledad.com puts the fun back into life for single Fathers

There's no denying that being a single parent is always going to be tough on everyone involved. Things are hectic if you're raising the kids all on your own but there are even more pitfalls if you're sharing access or have only holiday visitation rights. It's hard on the kids who have to spread their lives out over two different homes but it's also hard on their parents. Single Mums get a lot of attention from Governments and in the media, which is why this website aimed solely at single Fathers is so fantastic and is really addressing a huge lapse in resources.

Singledad.com is somewhere single Fathers can form a community and give each other much needed advice. After all, you don't always want to hear from an ‘expert' (although those are available too). You want to know how other Dads in your situation do things. Everything from the small things (how do they mash their potatoes?), to the fun things like where to hire a family-friendly car, what to do on your holidays or road trips and how to keep the kids entertained in the back seat; right up to the really big things, like what to do when you want to start dating again. When is the best time to introduce your new girlfriend to your children? After all you want them involved in your life but you don't want them to grow attached to someone who then leaves them, potentially highlighting brand new feelings of abandonment.

There are articles by professionals, Single Dad diaries detailing the highs and lows of their own lives with their kids and career, as well as health and fitness, home cooking and travel sections. The great thing about the travel and entertainment suggestions is that they put the emphasis back on fun. Being a single parent doesn't mean you have to stop enjoying life and singledad offers ways to enjoy it as a family.

However, the fantastic thing about this site isn't just the resources available to Fathers, but its popularity. Whatever the problem you're having, no matter how small or big (yes, even your teenage daughter's first period or first boyfriend), it's very likely that somebody in this online community has been there before. What this shows is that, contrary to popular opinion, absentee Dads or Men who are raising their kids alone really are interested, motivated and loving Fathers who are prepared to put in time and effort for the welfare of their children.

Singledad's motto says it all really: “Make Life Happen…Again