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Travel Mamas

My six year old daughter, Kelly set a land speed record on our recent trip to see my parents in Florida. We weren't even on the interstate when I heard the very first “how much longer mommy?”

But, unlike our last, disastrous road trip, I was prepared. I had a list of fun, low cost attractions, child friendly restaurants and playgrounds along the way, a lunch box full of cooked vegetables and sliced fruits, a few car games up my sleeve and a DVD for later, all advice I found on www.travelmamas.com that saved my sanity!

I was not going to spend another road trip being bombarded with “I'm bored, can we go to (expensive but not very good) attraction? Are we there yet? Mommy make Kevin stop”…..and they say it with that special voice they reserve for long periods in a small space!

So I looked up advice from other Moms who've taken kids on road trips and they had just the same problems I've had. I made myself a plan and it actually worked – I actually got to enjoy a longish road trip with my children! I wish I'd known about it when they were babies, my life would have been so much easier!

We're all flying to Montana in July so I am arming myself with Travel Mama tips for airplane travel right now!

Dana Flannery