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Hometown Contest Entrant #2

Cesar and his hometown in Mexico

This photo was taken in the 80's at a small house in Mexico. This is a group of cousins that used to spend so much time together.
They used to play hide and seek, soccer, and many other games that involved sweating and no remote controls where required. 
The time passed and this kids became teenagers, some of them moved to other states with their families... 
The time didn't stop and the teenagers became undergrad students, some of them moved even farther.
The time keep passing and one of them moved the farthest... and this one has been in other country for the last 3 years.
There is a chance that all of them get together for this Christmas, and the kid with the biggest cheeks wants to be there.
He is in NY and he would love to see the gang, since most of them have children than he hasn't meet yet.