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The Planet D

70 random people, on a crowded bus, happy snapping their way through tourist destination after tourist destination, barely leaving their air-conditioned seats… is this what travel has become?

Real traveling is about getting out amongst it, seeing the world, not view finding it, experiencing the adventure, not tourist information centers!

So, meet Dave and Debra, Canada's pioneering adventure couple and writers of the best travel stories you're ever likely to read, at www.theplanetd.com

With first hand adventure travel experience, seen from the bike seat, the narrow path, the unsealed road and the mountain top, their first hand accounts of some of the world's most exotic and fascinating places put most traveler's stories to shame. Paying homage at Sacred Hindu Festivals, meeting orangutan in the beautiful mountains of Borneo, crossing Africa by bicycle, breaking bread with the Bedouins, bungee jumping, trekking and meditating, Dave and Debra are real travelers, ready to offer advice from their wealth of experience to the budding adventurer in all of us.

Gain some extraordinary first hand insight into your next destination, find better, more exciting ways to travel, discover more options for the adventurous and hidden gems for the traveling couple at www.theplanetd.com

Next trip, don't just see the postcard sites, see the world!